November 10, 2020

Former Hirose Photo Studio/Roof Glass with Curtains

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Lab. (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

This is a wooden, two-story restored photo studio in the Historical Village of Hokkaido. The roof on the north side is glass known as a single slant, and the frosted glass is layered and thatched similar to a clapboard. The diffused light fills the entire photography area. To adjust the volume of light, the white and black curtains on the slanted glass window can be slid open and closed.

Historical Village of Hokkaido – Former Hirose Photo Studio
(Photography/Sapporo City, Hokkaido)

This article is an excerpt from “Window Workology,” a joint research project concerning windows and the behaviors around them done in collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technologyʼs Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Laboratory.