“Windows represent civilization and culture”

Guided by the belief that “windows represent civilization and culture”, the Window Research Institute works to collect and disseminate a wide range of knowledge and ideas related to windows and architecture, aid research, and support and organize cultural projects.

The primary project of the Window Research Institute is the Windowology research program, which was initiated under the auspices of YKK AP in 2007. Since its launch, Windowology has generated a diverse body of interdisciplinary research on windows with contributions from researchers and architects from around the world. In 2013, the Window Research Institute was founded as an internal department of YKK AP dedicated to advancing Windowology. The Institute has since been working to widely publicize the findings of Windowology research through publications, exhibitions, and research workshops within and outside Japan with the aim of contributing to architecture, urbanism, and society at large. In July 2018, the Window Research Institute was reestablished as a general incorporated foundation dedicated to advancing Windowology and architectural research in service to the public interest.

The Window Research Institute will continue to work to enlighten society through promoting research and cultural activities as it strives to enhance its operations aimed at contributing towards the development of rich windows and architectural culture for many years to come.

Overview of the Foundation
Articles of Incorporation: PDF (available in Japanese only)
Assets: 1,000,000 JPY (as of July 24, 2018)

Main Operations
(1) Conducting research related to windows.
(2) Supporting research and artistic activities related to windows.
(3) Supporting research and cultural activities related to architectural culture.
(4) Recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions towards the development of architectural culture.
(5) Disseminating knowledge and ideas about windows and architectural culture to the public.