Yusho Takiguchi

Yusho Takiguchi was born in Tokyo. He writes stories about individual and collective memory, marked by a roaming, omniscient narrative voice and multiple temporalities. In 2011, he was awarded the Shincho Prize for New Writers for his novella Gakki. His short story collection, Ai to Jinsei, was awarded the Noma Literary New Face Prize. His novel The Jimi Hendrix Experience was shortlisted for the Akutagawa Prize, and he won the Akutagawa Prize with his novella Shindeinaimono. He participated in the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa in 2018. His latest work is The Iowa Diaries.

April 27, 2021

Aram from Armenia

The atmosphere in a room viewed through a window. The outdoor scenery as you look through the window. The moving views you see from a train window. Windows give vague boundaries to our everyday lives, as if they were destined to be there. And windows can occasionally crop your view like a painting. The novelist Yusho Takiguchi walks you through a scene with windows, engaging with the various aspects of a person who has certain attachment to them.

The long-run residence program at the University of Iowa is where the Armenian writer Aram Pachyan and Takiguchi met for the first time. As Takiguchi reminisced about the program 3 years ago and the distance between himself and Aram, this current dialogue was initiated by Takiguchi as he wrote questions to Aram about his window at home.


Questions Yusho Takiguchi

Tell me about the windows in your room. About size, shape, color, materials and the scenery you can see from there…and anymore.

How does the window affect your life or your work?

If you have any ideas about the motif of “window”, please write freely.