Matthew Fargo (Translator)

A Translator, designer, technologist, Fargo studied Japanese Literature at UC Berkeley and Interaction Design at NYU's ITP. The translator of Akasegawa Genpei's Hyperart:Thomasson, creator of the iOS App "Ekibo," and a member of the design group NNNNY, Fargo prefers *not* to explore the intersection of literature and design, opting to pursue each in its own capacity.

July 18, 2018

You Make a Better Window Than a Door

Fenestration Observations is a series of window disquisitions by Matthew Fargo. In it, the translator of Akasegawa Genpeiʼs Hyperart Thomasson probes the city for hidden and forgotten features of the fenestral landscape. Join him on his hunt for windows that, seen in a particular light—from a particular and tangential vantage—become accidental works of art.
In this first installation, Fargo conducts an observation on a window from an industrial building in San Francisco.