Maiko Kurogouchi (mame)

Born 1985 in Nagano, Japan. Started her own design label mame and established the Kurogouchi Design Office in 2010 at the age of 25. Recognized for releasing PVC bags alongside her apparel designs. Awarded the Newcomer’s Award/Shiseido Encouragement Prize at the 32nd Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix 2014.

October 5, 2015

Before Being Maiko Kurogouchi of mame

The sound of air spewing out from the A/C grew louder and then fainter; the second hand of the clock on the wall resounded overdramatically as it dutifully ticked out the seconds one after another. From the window I could see browning mountain ridges and chimney smoke drifting by from some unknown source. I returned my gaze back inside the room, only to turn my eyes back outside again, but by then there was no longer any sign of the smoke.

She is always abrupt. On any day she might suddenly post onto social media a scene that seems to correctly encapsulate all the worldʼs beauty. And from that I will learn that she has set out on yet another creative journey.

“Windows”—every one of them that she has captured during her travels appears to brim with pathos. This may be because she took them in the winter. Or because she caught a cold. Or because I am no longer by her side.

These are accounts from my trip with her through a still snowy Tohoku, travel memories that colored the days before and after, and tracings from the 10-plus years that we spent together.