Kensuke Yamamoto (Sumally CEO)

Founder and CEO of Sumally. Employed at Dentsu Inc. after graduating from the Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Commerce and Management. Later joined Condé Nast Japan and worked as an editor for GQ JAPAN. Left Condé Nast Japan to establish Sumally in April 2010.

March 9, 2015

The Windows of the Teien Art Museum

Sumally is a social networking service that has been created from the concept of making “an ʻencyclopediaʼ for everything that exists in the world” by categorizing things into the two categories of “Want” and “Have”. Kensuke Yamamoto, founder and CEO of Sumally, was formally an editor of a fashion/culture magazine. Still never one to miss out on an opportunity to experience the latest cultural trends, Yamamoto made a visit to the newly refurbished Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, which reopened in November 2014. Here he shares his thoughts on the relationships that the Art Deco-style building creates between windows and light.