September 20, 2016

Transition of Kikugetsutei
Equipment In Between

Norihito Nakatani Seminar

This booklet contains the findings of the Waseda University Norihito Nakatani Laboratoryʼs Windowology research titled “Study on Hashirama-Sochi; Equipment In Between”.

This study illustrates a history of hashirama sochi—windows of Japanese architecture—with texts, figures, and film. The first subject examined is the Kikugetsutei, a work of daimyo (feudal ruler) architecture in Kagawa Prefecture. The booklet comprises figures, still photographs, and texts in English with Japanese translations in the back.

The contents of the booklet can be read within this website here.

“Transition of Kikugetsutei, Equipment In Between”
Author: Norihito Nakatani Seminar
Edited and Issued: Window Research Institute, YKK AP Inc.
Year: 2016