April 3, 2014

WindowScape 2: Window and Streetscape Genealogy

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto + Fuminori Nousaku (Tokyo Institute of Technology Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Laboratory)

This book presents findings from the Tokyo Institute of Technology Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Laboratoryʼs Windowology research themed on “Window and Streetscape Genealogy” (2011–2013). Building on research compiled in an earlier book titled WindowScape: Window Behaviorology, the book looks again at the “behaviors” associated with windows but this time focuses on streetscapes formed by buildings that line streets.

Unlike the previous volume, this book has been given a landscape format that is better suited for showing elevation photographs and drawings of entire streetscapes. Each of the different windows and streetscapes are analyzed based on the four points of “form”, “genealogy”, “regulation”, and “production”. The book has been published in Japanese and Chinese.

“WindowScape 2: Window and Streetscape Genealogy”
Edited: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto + Fuminori Nousaku, Tokyo Institute of Technology Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Laboratory
Published: Film Art, Inc. (Japanese Edition)
Year: Japanese Edition(2014), Chinese Edition(2014)