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Talk: Norihito Nakatani × Taro Igarashi at ISAIA

20 - 23 SEP, 2016

In September 2016, the Window Research Institute exhibited a booth at the International Symposium on Architectural Interchange in Asia (ISAIA) held at Tohoku University. Professor Norhihito Nakatani and Professor Taro Igarashi held seminars and a talk during the event.

In the seminars, Professor Nakatani and Professor Igarashi each gave presentations on their windowology research.

Professor Igarashi presented “Windows in Film”, which he has been developing with his research laboratory at Tohoku University, and Professor Nakatani presented “Study on Hashirama Sochi; Equipment In Between”, which he has been developing with his research laboratory at Waseda University. The former research project is focused on examining the windows that appear in scenes in various films from around the world. The latter is focused on studying hashirama sōchi, or windows in Japanese architecture, through conducting documentary surveys and measurement surveys, and the findings from this research is being compiled into short films (the findings from “Study on Hashirama Sochi; Equipment In Between” can be viewed here).

The presentations were followed up by a talk session between the two presenters. They discussed various ideas centered on the topic of “film and architecture”. Audience members also contributed to the discussion by offering a variety of questions in response to the new themes raised through the event.

  • Scene from the seminar
  • Professor Igarashi listening to Professor Nakataniʼs presentation
  • Members of the audience
  • Debut showing of the film The Birth Canal (Nakatani Lab)
  • Talk session

International Symposium on Architectural Interchange in Asia (ISAIA)
September 20–23, 2016, Tohoku University Kawauchi Campus


Norihito Nakatani
An architectural historian, professor of Waseda University, and the principal researcher of this study. His chief literary works include Revisiting Kon Wajiroʼs ʻJapanese Housesʼ (as part of the Rekiseikai group, Heibonsha, 2012), Severalness+: The Cycle of Things and Human Beings (Kajima Institute Publishing Co.,Ltd., 2011), and The Study of Classical Literature, the Meiji Period, and Architects (Ikki Shuppan, 1993).


Taro Igarashi
Professor at Tohoku University, Master Course. Researcher in architectural history and architectural critic.
Completed Doctor Course, the University of Tokyo. Ph.D. (Engineering); Commissioner for Japan Museum in 2010 Venezia Biennale International Architectural Exposition; Art Director Aichi Triennale 2013. Major Publications include “My thinking during walking in the disaster area,” “Profiles of modern architects,” “New religion and mega-architecture,” and “Over-protected city.”