Online Event “Hashirama Sōchi: Richness of Space in Japanese Architecture – Talk by Nakatani Norihito” Presented by Japan House London

18 Feb 2022

Talk Events

On Tuesday, February 22, Japan House London will present an online event featuring Nakatani Norihito.

  • Still from the film "Transition of Kikugetsutei" (2019).
    Produced by the Norihito Nakatani Seminar, Waseda University.
    Directed by Kenji Seo. 

Date  Tuesday 22 February 2022
Time  12:00–13:00 GMT/ 21:00–22:00 JST
Location Online
Bookings Essential; Admission Free

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Exhibition: Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan

About the Speaker
Nakatani Norihito
Professor in the Department of Architecture at Waseda University, Nakatani Norihito is an architectural historian noted for a variety of activities. These include studying the writings of early-modern-era carpentry, and the continuity of land characteristics and their influence on the present day (theory of pre-existence); overseeing a project to revisit the houses that the Japanese “modernologist” Kon Wajirō visited in the early 20th century and document their change; and more recently, travelling along the edges of the Eurasian plate, researching villages that have existed for a thousand years. His publications include Future Commune (inscript, 2019), Moving Earth and Shape of Living: Travelling along the edge of Eurasia plate (Iwanami shoten, 2017), Revisiting Kon Wajirōʼs “Japanese Houses” (as part of the Rekiseikai group, Heibonsha, 2012), Severalness+: The Cycle of Things and Human Beings (Kajima Shuppankai, 2011), and The Study of Classical Literature, the Meiji Period, and Architects (Ikki Shuppan, 1993). Nakatani received the Kon Wajirō Award from the Japan Society of Lifology in 2013 and the Writerʼs Award from the Architectural Institute of Japan in 2013, 2018 and 2020.