Japan Through the Window Selected for Phase 3 of the Japan House Touring Exhibition Project

06 Jun 2019

Following a strict selection process, the jury for the 3rd phase of the Japan House Touring Exhibition Project has chosen Japan Through the Window (working title) to be presented at the Japan House locations worldwide. The selected exhibitions are scheduled to travel to London, Los Angeles, and São Paulo starting in 2020.

Guided by the belief that “windows represent civilization and culture”, the Window Research Institute has been exploring the possibilities of windows from various perspectives, such as architecture, culture, and art.

The theme of this exhibition will be the beauty of Japan as seen through windows. Produced under the direction of architectural critic Taro Igarashi, the exhibition aims to illuminate the diversity and universality of human culture and civilization as captured through windows, and it looks to cast a fresh gaze not only on the windows of Japan but also on the culture of regions around the world.

The exhibition will be complemented by lectures and workshops featuring various specialists and architects. We hope everyone will look forward to our venture to open a new window onto the world.

  • Still from the film "Transition of Kikugetsutei" (2019).
    Produced by the Norihito Nakatani Seminar, Waseda University.
    Directed by Kenji Seo.

About the Japan Houses

The Japan Houses are cultural centers that have been established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in three cities around the world (London, Los Angeles, and São Paulo) as part of its efforts to strengthen strategic global communication. They serve to share the rich appeal of Japanese culture to a wide audience with the aim of fostering an affinity and understanding for Japan among people worldwide.

“Japan House”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Website

Japan House Official Website

■Japan Through the Window (working title) Selected for Phase 3 of the Japan House Touring Exhibition Project (PDF)


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