A Tea House for Schönbrunn has been exhibited at the Japanese Garden in Schönbrunn

Window Research Institute

14 Jul 2023

Grantee Projects

“Learning from the Japanese Tea House”, a project granted by the Window Research Institute for the fiscal year 2022, has been open to the public at the Japanese Garden in Schönbrunn.

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A Tea House for Schönbrunn

2023 marks both the 150th anniversary of the Vienna World Exhibition and the 110th anniversary of the Japanese Garden at Schönbrunn. On this occasion, students at TU Wien explored the cultural interactions between Japan and Europe using the example of the Japanese teahouse during the project “Learning from the Japanese Teahouse”.

The aim was to design a contemporary teahouse based on traditional basic principles, but without formally copying them. On the occasion of the two anniversaries, the winning design will be exhibited in the Japanese Garden at Schönbrunn in July and August.

The project was realised in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Gardens and with the financial support of the Window Research Institute as well as other sponsors and is under the nominal support of the Japanese Embassy.

※ The tea house will be moved after the exhibition to Loosdorf Castle, north of Vienna, where it will be on permanent display. A ceremony to announce the relocation and close the exhibition will be held on Saturday, September 2 at 15:00.


Event Overview

Title A Tea House for Schönbrunn
Location Japanischer Garten Schlosspark Schönbrunn
Address Rustenallee, 1130 Wien, Austria
Duration July 1st  – August 31st, 2023


Closing event with tea ceremony by Ms. Machiko Hoshina
Date/Time 02.09.2023 (in case of bad weather alternatively on 03.09.2023)  15:00
Location Japanese Garden, Schönbrunn Palace Park


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