Window Research Institute Re-Established as a General Incorporated Foundation

10 Aug 2018

Contributing to the Development of Rich Windows and Architectural Culture

On July 24, 2018, YKK AP Inc. (President: Hidemitsu Hori), a group company of the YKK Corporation (President: Hiroaki Otani), re-established the Window Research Institute as a general incorporated foundation (ippan zaidan hojin) in order to further contribute to the development of rich windows and architectural culture over the years to come.

Guided by the idea that “Windows represent civilization and culture”, YKK AP Inc. launched the Windowology research program to explore the window as an academic subject from various angles in 2007, and it has since been examining windows from a diverse range of perspectives, including those of architecture, culture, and art.

The Window Research Institute, which was originally founded in April 2013 as an internal department dedicated to conducting these research activities, has now become a general incorporated foundation.

The YKK Corporation and YKK AP Inc. have been actively working to contribute to society through their business operations. The Window Research Institute has been re-established as an incorporated foundation so that it can focus on contributing to the development of society and culture by conducting and supporting research related to windows and architectural culture from a public interest perspective rather than through YKK AP Inc.ʼs business operations.

The Window Research Institute will now be working towards achieving the status of a public interest foundation (koeki zaidan hojin).

Overview of the Foundation
Name: Window Research Institute (Japanese: 一般財団法人 窓研究所)
Founder: YKK AP Inc.
President: Tadahiro Yoshida (Director, YKK Corporation; Director, YKK AP Inc.)
Address: 1-1 Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date of Establishment: July 24, 2018
Purpose of Establishment: This foundation aims to support the advancement and betterment of society and the cultures and industries surrounding windows and architecture by contributing to the development of windows and architectural culture through promoting research and cultural activities and informing the public into the future.

Main Operations:
(1) Conducting research related to windows.
(2) Supporting research and artistic activities related to windows.
(3) Supporting research and cultural activities related to architectural culture.
(4) Recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions towards the development of architectural culture.
(5) Disseminating knowledge and ideas about windows and architectural culture to the public.

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