SeriesIndex of Window Sounds and Movements

Dreh-Kipp Windows

Yoh Komiyama (Product Designer)

13 Nov 2020


Windows with two opening and closing functions, one of which involves rotating inwards horizontally (“collapsing inwards”), while the other operates by rotating inwards vertically (“opening inwards”), are called Dreh-Kipp (turning, tilting) windows. Such windows first emerged in Germany: the term Dreh-Kipp consists of the German words drehen (to turn) and kippen (to tilt).


Index of Window Sounds and Movements
For this project, we sought to extract and observe the sounds and movements associated with the opening and closing of windows, in order to shed more light on how we perceive a
“window” through our ears and eyes. A Glossary of Window Sounds and Movements is the first research project of “Windows Products Inside,” carried out as a collaboration between the Window Research Institute and product designer Yoh Komiyama, with video imagery created by Tomohiro Okazaki.

Window Products Inside
Windows Products Inside is a research project initiated by product designer Yoh Komiyama. By extracting and redefining the various meanings that are implicit to the window as an object, the project hopes to uncover what is needed so that windows can create a diversity of new lifestyles, cultures, and new customs.