Fuminori Nousaku (Architect)

Born 1982 in Toyama, Japan. Founded Fuminori Nousaku Architects in 2010. His work includes architecture, art, installations, renovations, and writings, and he also conducts research on architecture, urban environments, and ecosystems in collaboration with his university laboratory. Focuses of his architectural work include solar energy, soil regeneration, biodegradable materials, and the cycle of materials from production to disposal. Completed the master’s program in architecture at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering in 2007. Earned a doctorate in engineering in 2012. Associate professor of architecture at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences since 2021. Major works include the Takaoka Guesthouse (co-designed with Junpei Nousaku) and Holes in the House (co-designed with Mio Tsuneyama). Publications include WindowScape: Window Behaviorology (co-author; Film Art) and Fumiori Nousaku: Edifice of the Wild (LIXIL Publishing).