Arjan Bronkhorst

Arjan Bronkhorst (b. 1972) is a photographer from Amsterdam. He began taking photos at an
early age. Having started out in the corporate world, twenty years ago he decided to continue as
a professional photographer. He specialises in architectural and interior photography,
particularly historical buildings and monuments. He is also much sought after for his unique
portraits. His clients include publishers, magazines, governments, architects and companies. In
2013 he published the best-selling photobook Grachtenhuizen, about the interiors and residents
of the majestic 17 th century Amsterdam canal mansions. In 2018 he published the book Weelde
van de eenvoud / Wealth of sobriety, about his photo project about authentic Rietveld houses and
interiors. He also portrayed their residents. His work was displayed in solo exhibitions by the
Amsterdam Museum and the Centraal Museum at Utrecht.