Shimpei Terada

Born 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. Studied at the ETH Zurich in 2015. Worked at Christ & Gantenbein (Basel) in 2016. Completed a master’s degree in architecture with a focus on urban history at The University of Tokyo in 2018. Previously employed at Mtka (Murayama + Kato Architecture), where he had worked on projects such as Ceiling and Ellipse (2018), FIL Fukuoka (2019), Peerless (2019), Go-Sees Aoyama (2020), Go-Sees Premier (2021), Wota Office Project (2021), and Music (2023). Currently, a co-principal of ManyConf (Many Conference). He has been developing media projects with the aim of establishing a platform for bridging architecture and its related fields. Founded W/ in 2023. He also designs and writes independently.